• CEO Geir Ivar Westen Has worked with the pharmaceutical industry since 1993 with clients such as Nomi Norway AS, Servicesenteret for LMI AS, Norsk Medisin Informasjon AS, and Cedegim AS. One of the three founders of Asamedic AS.

  • QPPV/RP Lotte Theodorsen Has worked within the pharmaceutical industry since 1986 with companies such as Fisons/Sanofi Aventis and Nycomed/- General Electric, within regulatory, QA, wholesale distribution, product mgt, marketing and medical compliance.
  • BoD Per Erik Stribolt-Halvorsen The inventor of Coxor and the driving force behind the project through the first phase. Has studied medicine in Oslo and Brussels and has worked with Norway's leading researchers in hematology.
  • BoD Lise Skarpås Has in the last 20 years worked for development and financing of early phase companies and restructurings. Was CEO in Viken Fiber AS until 2013 and now works as CSO in COOP.
  • BoD Peter Norrgård Graduated nurse. Currently living in Stockholm. Has held a number of different positions within the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience from market research activities
  • Chairman of the Board Leif Thoring Has held senior positions within several Norwegian and international companies. Has worked on large restructurings and has extensive experience with M&A and early phase companies
  • BoD Halvor Sørbye Investor in and sparring partner for Asamedic since start-up. Doctor of Chiropractic educated in the US and director of private clinics. Experienced property developer as well as partner in several early phase companies.
Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is comprised of five members with significant experience within pharmaceuticals, cardiovascular medicine and business operations.
  • Dan Atar (Prof. M.D.)
  • Tore Ritter Westen (founder)
  • Bjørn Watle (M.D.)
  • John Bjørn Fredriksson (cand. pharm.),
  • Truls Andreassen (financial advisor)