Asamedic is a Norwegian company established by Per Erik Stribolt-Halvorsen, Geir Ivar Westen and Tore Ritter Westen in 2013. The company began full operations in 2015.

The company was established with the purpose of finding a way to reduce mortality from heart attacks. Through research and innovation Asamedic aims to contribute to save lives.

Asamedic reached end of DCP procedure for its product Coxor with positive outcome in January 2021 and Marketing Authorization in Norway and Denmark has been granted.

  • 2013

    Asamedic was established by Per Erik Stribolt-Halvorsen, Geir Ivar Westen and Tore Ritter Westen. Stribolt-Halvorsen was personally motivated after losing both his father and brother to heart attacks and commenced research to find a way to reduce mortality from heart attacks

  • 2015

    The company commenced full operations. It received positive feedback from patent authorities on feasibility study and delivered a patent application resulting in patent pending status word-wide. Series 1 Funding Round of MNOK 3.9

  • 2016

    First prototype produced. Asamedic received funds from Innovation Norway and was approved SkatteFunn-status by The Research Council of Norway. The firm became a member of the Norwegian Medical Association. Patent pending on two new applications

  • 2017

    Series 2 Funding Round, MNOK 15. Very positive dissolution test after R&D on solvent. Asamedic elects new board of directors and establishes Advisory Board

  • 2018

    External marketing analysis conducted, with very positive results showing high market acceptance and willingness to purchase. 6,000 vials set in stability program

  • 2019

    Application for marketing authorization. Patent application moves from patent pending status to patent granted in Australia. Generation II container development started with Inventas and NTNU. Marketing Application submitted for Coxor in December 2019

  • 2020

    Enter partnership with ELC and Convex to conduct clinical trial on Coxor with new methodology to reveal important clinical data on ASA behavior. 18 months stability data shows positive outcome. Initiates dialogue with potential industry partners

  • 2021

    Reaches end of DCP procedure January 19th with positive outcome. Completes national phase for Norway and Denmark and receives local Marketing Authorizations. In addition, OTC status is achieved.

  • 2022

    Positive article from clinical trial published. Asamedic out-licenses rights of Coxor® in the Nordics to Evolan Pharma AB. Coxor will be launched in the near future, with Norway being the first market.

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